Freitag, 9. Oktober 2015

5 facts about me

I'm joining the "5 facts about me" started by Nikki from Teaching Autism. I think it's awesome to learn more about the TPT Bloggers around - and it was also fun to write this. So here we go:

1. Yes, besides doing clipart I'm also a teacher - I teach German online, which means, from the comfort of my home!  I live in a small town in Northern Germany where teaching jobs (or any jobs)  are very I opened myself up to the whole world out there! I can tell you, it's really an amazing feeling to be able to connect to people from all countries of the world, sometimes a million miles away, everyday.

2. I'm the bass player in an all girls band. I love music and started playing bass when I was 15, but I didn't have a band for ages. So for me a small dream came true when we started the band about 3 years ago and I could finally make music again.. we're not aiming for fame or anything but we just all enjoy it a lot :)

3. I really hate it and will find all possible excuses to not make a phone call or even take a phone call! I make Skype calls in my job every day, and that is no problem, but I just haaate the phone, I don't know why! Some say it's normal for our generation, though .. I hope ;)

4. This is the way I start my mornings. Yes, every morning! I have been doing this for almost 2 years in a row and now I can't live without it anymore. It definitely helps me to feel better and, the best part, not get sick so often anymore.

5. I must admit first,that I actually don't take so much photos, so propably not many people know this about me. But I have about 7 analogue film cameras at home sitting on my shelves and I take one of these with me almost everywhere I go or travel. I love the feeling of waiting for your film to be developed and then finally holding the photos in your hand!! And Lomography certainly is one of my favourite websites ;)

That's it, hope you enjoyed reading and I can't wait to read about your random facts!

Happy teaching!


  1. Wow ! Yoga ever day!! You are so motivated - I wish I had the same motivation as you!! I too hate having to make phone calls, my main reason is i'm usually doing so much I would just rather text someone so I can still carry on doing other stuff - phonecalls are such a nuisance in my eyes! Wow - teaching online German sounds fab! Thanks for taking part in my linky and sharing a bit of yourself with us!!

    Teaching Autism

  2. Love connecting with people from all over the globe. TPT is so cool that way. I would love to teach on line as well some day. Du to family circumstances, I had to get my master's in spec ed totally on line. I LOVED it, and think it would be a fun way to stay connected. BTW, I also hate making phone calls as well. Weird, when you think it was our generation that kind of forced call waiting into world. Thanks again for sharing.