Montag, 29. Februar 2016

February Update: Patterns, Clipart and Drawing everyday!

It's been a while since I posted and February is almost over, but still, here is my February update :)

  • Last week I started to take some Skillshare classes on Surface Pattern Design. This is a new thing that I enjoy doing so much! I never made a pattern before, but I've spent hours with Illustrator the last days and finally created my first pattern, a lily-of-the-valley inspired theme:
  • As for new Clipart, there was a LOT added to my TpT Store in January and February, just feel free to click on the images below to go and get them :)                                                                         
    Cute Spring Kids :)
    Pastel Drops
    Doodle Frames
    FREEBIE Rulers Clipart
I also made Valentine Clipart, Valentine Frames, And Karneval (german Mardi Gras) Clipart, but the time for this Holidays is up now ;)
  • I am having a creative challenge this year again, last year I wanted to (and did) make a photo every single day! This year I wanted to focus more on my drawing skills, so I've set myself the goal to sit down with my sketchbook and draw something everyday So far I find this way easier than the photo challenge, because I'm doing this more for myself. It feels more free, because I don't share my work this time (only if I happen to draw something that I'm really happy with ;) ) and I'm so happy I'm doing this and excited about how much I will learn in this year!
  • With teaching, everything is great as well, I have some lovely new students and I love to come up with new topics and lesson plans for them, teaching is actually also a very creative job :)

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