Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2016

Samstag, 19. März 2016

March Update! And new FREEBIE!

Hi, how are you doing? I'm back with this month's update. For clipart, I've worked on some St. Patrick's Day and Easter Clipart sets. See pictures below and follow the link or click the pictures to see them in my TpT store! I know it's already too late for St. Patrick's Day activities, but why not save them for next year? ;)

St. Patrick's Day Clipart
Happy Shamrock Clipart
Cute Easter Clipart 

And this month I also have a new FREEBIE for you on the Blog: One of the round frames of my frames set in a different color version, with a transparent background. Enjoy! It is available until March 31st. (EDIT: Time is up, sorry!)

Montag, 29. Februar 2016

February Update: Patterns, Clipart and Drawing everyday!

It's been a while since I posted and February is almost over, but still, here is my February update :)

  • Last week I started to take some Skillshare classes on Surface Pattern Design. This is a new thing that I enjoy doing so much! I never made a pattern before, but I've spent hours with Illustrator the last days and finally created my first pattern, a lily-of-the-valley inspired theme:
  • As for new Clipart, there was a LOT added to my TpT Store in January and February, just feel free to click on the images below to go and get them :)                                                                         
    Cute Spring Kids :)
    Pastel Drops
    Doodle Frames
    FREEBIE Rulers Clipart
I also made Valentine Clipart, Valentine Frames, And Karneval (german Mardi Gras) Clipart, but the time for this Holidays is up now ;)
  • I am having a creative challenge this year again, last year I wanted to (and did) make a photo every single day! This year I wanted to focus more on my drawing skills, so I've set myself the goal to sit down with my sketchbook and draw something everyday So far I find this way easier than the photo challenge, because I'm doing this more for myself. It feels more free, because I don't share my work this time (only if I happen to draw something that I'm really happy with ;) ) and I'm so happy I'm doing this and excited about how much I will learn in this year!
  • With teaching, everything is great as well, I have some lovely new students and I love to come up with new topics and lesson plans for them, teaching is actually also a very creative job :)

Dienstag, 12. Januar 2016

New: Freebies on the Blog from my clipart sets

Happy New Year my beloved Clipart addicts! I'm trying something new this year: I want to offer you more freebies, so, every once in a whil from mow on, I will post one freebie out of my clipart sets for free (but usually for a limited period of time).  They will be in a color version that is not included in the set that you can purchase - or it may also be a totally alternative version of the clipart.. The first freebie for January will be out of my "Winter Mittens" set, in a white-outline version: just right-click on the image, save and...have fun with your new clipart piece! :) ( Copyright: Studio Elska, the Terms of Use apply also for freebies!) It is available until January 31st!!

(Sorry, time run out! This clipart is not available anymore, but stay tuned for new freebies soon!)

And here is the whole set that you can purchase on TpT (just click on the image):