Dienstag, 12. Januar 2016

New: Freebies on the Blog from my clipart sets

Happy New Year my beloved Clipart addicts! I'm trying something new this year: I want to offer you more freebies, so, every once in a whil from mow on, I will post one freebie out of my clipart sets for free (but usually for a limited period of time).  They will be in a color version that is not included in the set that you can purchase - or it may also be a totally alternative version of the clipart.. The first freebie for January will be out of my "Winter Mittens" set, in a white-outline version: just right-click on the image, save and...have fun with your new clipart piece! :) ( Copyright: Studio Elska, the Terms of Use apply also for freebies!) It is available until January 31st!!

(Sorry, time run out! This clipart is not available anymore, but stay tuned for new freebies soon!)

And here is the whole set that you can purchase on TpT (just click on the image):



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