Studio ELSKA

You may
•    use for personal crafts, greeting cards etc.
•    use in educational context (also commercially), e.g. worksheets, videos, online exercises, games
•    small business commercial use is allowed, must be under 200 copies
•    must be flattened so the designs can't be easily extracted
•    web design (use in your personal blog or homepage)
•    credit is required, please give a link to my store e.g. in your product description, thank you!

You may not
•    claim my designs as your own - even if modified.
•    sell my designs as is - meaning that you can not sell my designs in a similar way to what I do (in paper packs, clipart sets, clipart CDs, scrapbooking, digital Collage Sheets, digital papers, coloring pages, etc.)
•    use on Print-On-Demand sites
•    share with others

Copyright stays with me and if you see anyone using my items which I do not allow in my TOU, please let me know! You are not to claim my designs as your own.
If you need the files for anything not lsited above, contact me! 

Copyright @ Studio ELSKA
Designs by Studio ELSKA

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